The future of the reading: interaction between professional knowledges social actors and the context

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2022/12/12 19:34
Data Science
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Madel Crasta
The role of reading in society has so far been seen as a sector of intervention by publishers librarians booksellers and teachers but reading is a social action that radiates throughout society and has always been protagonist of the great changes. As a global concept it must be considered in the entirety of its relations with the context with social actors and digital culture. We are experiencing a disruptive passage of civilization in which new and consolidated coexist in a precarious balance and everything seems to require new interpretative tools and a connective look between disciplinary and professional knowledge institutions and the industry of contents in order to make the most of the contribution of other investigation methods including neuroscience and data science. In digital culture contents dominate reaching us everywhere passing from a medium to the other there is a need for a new cultural mediation between the knowledge accumulated by humanity and its contemporary recipients This requires an evolution of traditional authorial editorial and distributive processes with an involvement of the territory and communities. Examples of interconnection between media contents social and economic actors that open new relationships and push social innovation
reading as global concept ; content is king ; new mediation ; integreted approach ; data science (search for similar items in EconPapers)
Year Published
Economia della Cultura 2022 issue 2-3 235-245