Importing Financial Data

One of the essential steps in automating your trades is to import or download the time series data. In addition to showing how an asset, security, or economic variable has changed over time, it can also show how the change compares to shifts in other variables during the same period. How to import Financial Time Series Data? Let's understand this code here which is importing financial time series data. We will use yahoo finance and we'll use a package name Yfinance to get the data from yahoo finance. For those who have never coded, you can just think about the package as a series of codes that is already there, you just import and get the benefit of it. Y-finance is a package that has returned a few lines of code to get the data from the yahoo finance website and give it to us. By simply saying - “import yfinance as yf”, we can get all the code with some smart chapters written since it is open source. We can easily access each other's code since this package is open source. By doing this yfinance is available and by saying “as yf” we have our shorter name to refer to this. It's just that sometimes someone has a very big name we use a shorter name to call it again and again because it's more convenient. Similarly, we are using yf short for yahoo finance. The second line of code is “yf.download”. This is the method that will help us to get the data. The first parameter of this method is the ticker of the symbol. Here it's “KO” for “coca-cola” and the second parameter is the sta