ReSolve Riffs on How to Replicate Trend Following Managed Futures

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In this episode, Adam, Rod and Mike review a new whitepaper called Peering Around Corners: How to Replicate Trend Following Managed Futures. They cover the motivation, methods, analysis and conclusions including: ·       why managed futures produce strong returns ·       the role of managed futures in a stock / bond portfolio ·       why every strategy is vulnerable to lost decades, and the role of diversification ·       why investors probably shouldn’t be worried about flows to managed futures ·       why replication does not negate the presence of manager alpha ·       how replication is related to returns based style analysis ·       how other authors replicated Buffet’s alpha and how it relates ·       why one might want to replicate a managed futures index ·       choice of simple vs complex replication methods ·       top down replication methods - pros and cons ·       bottom up replication methods - pros and cons ·       why top down and bottom up replication complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses ·       how well a combination of top down and bottom up replicates the trend following index ·       why investors might expect to achieve fee alpha from managed futures replication ·       and much more… This discussion of a new whitepaper should help investors understand how replication strategies work and the role that a managed futures replication strategy might play in portfolios. This is “ReSolve’s Riffs” – live on YouTube every Friday aftern
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