Importance of Python in the future of Trading

Is Python the Future? Why is learning Python important? Python is a programming language with many advantages not just for developing applications but also for traders. It is versatile and can be used for backtesting, algorithmic trading, and building trading bots. This video entails the role and importance of Python in the future. It also explains why python is the most preferred programming language. What is the importance of python for the future? To answer this question I have this beautiful piece from Stack Overflow. Stack Overflow is for those who are coding and might be aware that it's a go-to platform if you're stuck with any coding problem and you will see the solution to most of the problems you are facing. There is a very detailed article you can read but as you can currently see here the python language is growing quite exponentially. The growth of the python language is measured in terms of the percentage of overall question views each month. Almost 10% of the questions are there on stack overflow, the people are looking at python and this has grown dramatically in the last 10 years. This data is only till 2018, we can see that there is a huge dramatic huge rise in the usage of python and even if you look at the forecast which is made by them they expect that the share of python will almost go up to 15%. There are a lot of reasons why python usage is rising. One of the reasons is as you would have noticed that python is used in schools and colleges like this have