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A massive Blockchain engineering advancement that will power the next generation of the Web and it's by Jump Trading!Ken Bowles at Jump Trading speaks at Solana Breakpoint, Lisbon, on Firedancer (https://bit.ly/3NDFUZS) - the much awaited validator for Solana. Those immensely talented fpga programmers, famous for re-building Chicago into a HFT hub, have built the most advanced HPC blockchain in the world.Aside from Aptos and Sui, there are no other blockchains that are battle hardened for "Amdahl's war" as Ken puts it - the need for fault tolerance, low latency, scalability, network finality etc. It's one of the hardest software engineering problems to solve. And who better to solve it than a HFT trading firm? Having been in the finance industry since 2001 - it's very rare to see a trading firm (or Bank) create an open source software project of this prominence. I can count the number on my right hand. But one which will power Web3 across all verticals? It's just another indicator of the changing times in FinTech and how DeFI is shifting tech centric financial institutions to being more like Silicon Valley firms. A paradigm shift from a non-coop game to a cooperative one perhaps? Necessary to attract Gen Z engineering talent?My prediction is that more than 10% of the current (OTC and exchange traded) financial markets volumes will be tokenized and moved on-chain in the next ten years in order to bring settlement times to sub 1 second and function 24-7 and reduce TX costs. There is also a convenience aspect for less liquid assets. At one trillion a day in the FX markets alone, this will be a massive accomplishment. And Jump's bet is that Solana, under the technical leadership of the brilliant Anatoly Yakovenko (pictured between me and Ben Ng, my co-founder, at Converge) will be the blockchain that scales to the needs of the capital markets. #trading #tech #project #bl