Math Masters vs Quant Masters

I said in a recent video and in many past videos that program rigor is important. And it is! A subscriber asked the question, "would a math masters be better than a quant finance masters because it has more rigor?" First off not all math masters are more rigorous than quant masters but I get the main point that most math programs will be rigorous. A math masters (either pure or applied) is a possible path into quant finance as well as other hot fields like data science. The one drawback is that these fields (industries) need an array of skills in math, stats, CS, and finance (or the industry focus). A math masters will teach you the math portion however making sure you cover relevant topics is important but you also need to make sure to cover stats, CS and finance. Some of these will be easier to obtain than others. Now there are math heavy areas of quant finance like financial engineering where a math masters would be preferred given you have a great attitude and can be taught the other skills. Should you get a math masters or a quant masters? It depends on your interests. If you enjoy a topic you will often do better at it in school and in the industry. If you absolutely love math the a math masters could be a great fit. The one big downside of a math masters could be finding a job in other industries if you decide later on that you don't want to work in quant finance. Website: https://www.FancyQuantNation.com Quant t-shirts, mugs, and hoodies: https://www.teespring.com/sto
Dimitri Bianco