The role of citation networks to explain academic promotions: an empirical analysis of the Italian national scientific qualification

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2022/09/19 18:36
Logistic Regression
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Maria Cristiana Martini Elvira Pelle Andrea Sciandra: University of Modena and Reggio Emilia
Abstract The aim of this paper is to study the role of citation network measures in the assessment of scientific maturity. Referring to the case of the Italian national scientific qualification (ASN) we investigate if there is a relationship between citation network indices and the results of the researchers’ evaluation procedures. In particular we want to understand if network measures can enhance the prediction accuracy of the results of the evaluation procedures beyond basic performance indices. Moreover we want to highlight which citation network indices prove to be more relevant in explaining the ASN results and if quantitative indices used in the citation-based disciplines assessment can replace the citation network measures in non-citation-based disciplines. Data concerning Statistics and Computer Science disciplines are collected from different sources (ASN Italian Ministry of University and Research and Scopus) and processed in order to calculate the citation-based measures used in this study. Then we apply logistic regression models to estimate the effects of network variables. We find that network measures are strongly related to the results of the ASN and significantly improve the explanatory power of the models especially for the research fields of Statistics. Additionally citation networks in the specific sub-disciplines are far more relevant than those in the general disciplines. Finally results show that the citation network measures are not a substitute of th
Citation networks ; Research evaluation ; Bibliometrics ; Citation-based metrics ; ASN ; Academic promotion (search for similar items in EconPapers)
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Scientometrics 2022 vol. 127 issue 10 No 3 5633-5659