Factors Influencing Intention to Go on a Summer Holiday during the Peak and Remission of the Covid-19 Pandemic

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2022/12/12 19:34
Logistic Regression
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Róbert Štefko Jozef Džuka and Martin Laèný Róbert Štefko: University of Prešov Jozef Džuka: University of Prešov Martin Laèný: University of Prešov
The aim of this research was to find out which factors influenced people who originally planned a summer holiday when surveyed at the time of pandemic peak and at the time of pandemic remission. The research was conducted on a representative sample of population of Slovakia surveyed via agency. Binary logistic regression has revealed that out of 18 tested demographic economic social and psychological variables the intention to not go on a summer holiday at the time of pandemic peak was predicted by level of income deterioration worries about Covid-19 subjective feeling of isolation and gender. At the time of the pandemic remission only two predictors were significant: worries about income deterioration and the subjective feeling of isolation. The lasting effect of the subjective feeling of isolation and the missing effect of personal psychological characteristics are discussed.
intention ; tourist behaviour ; Covid-19 ; summer holiday ; predictors (search for similar items in EconPapers)
Year Published
Journal of Economics / Ekonomicky casopis 2022 vol. 70 issue 2 144-170