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Can ChatGPT4 play chess? Before we get to the answer, first consider how astonishing it is that we are even asking the question of a model trained for general comprehension of the world. The answer is yes, in the sense that with a little nudging it can maintain a game and clearly has comprehended it better than, say, my eight year old daughter. I played two quick games against the new GTP4 last night and was extremely impressed with the first game and its ability to play legal, pretty strong moves right up to the middlegame (where it suddenly blundered). Some observations:* It manages to make good legal moves (mostly) but when it chooses to display the board position, or you ask it to, it will get the position entirely wrong. It can get back on track with minor correction, by the way. How does it nonetheless play so well? A question for the #openai team no doubt. * If you want to confuse it, I suggest playing something that is superficially similar to a main line but not quite the same. As an example, which I apologize may make no sense to non-chess players, I decided to play 4.Bc4 in the Smith-Morra as White to get into a low density knowledge realm. It obliged and took on b2. It appeared to play reasonable moves for a while but then I noticed something very curious. Because the position is very similar to the Danish Gambit but quite rare, it borrowed from its Danish Gambit training instead and hallucinated a Black pawn on e5. So on this occasion, it made an illegal move not realizing the pawn had remained on e7. Despite these flaws, I find it astonishing that ChatGPT4 is already at the point where it can keep track of things better than a human can (who is unassisted by a board , I mean, and just "having a conversation"). After all, there's no "board" to look at in many other types of arena where we humans claim intelligence. There is no equivalent visual crutch,